Natural sleep aids

Sleep deprivation affects almost 25% of adults across the world, so it is not that surprising that numerous natural sleep aids have arisen to ensure you benefit from a restful nights sleep.

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If you too find it difficult to fall asleep or benefit from at least 8 hours sleep a night, then the following natural sleep aids can help…

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Sleep Music


This free and effective natural sleep aid, simply involves listening to a collection of calming noises to help you sleep. The most traditional sleep music you will encounter will include a combination of some of the following noises:

–          Drumming – the steady beat of the drum creates rhythmic, hypnotic noises which induce sleep

–          Rain – the sound of rain acts as a type of ‘white noise’ which masks household noises going on around you i.e. creaking floors, radiators etc

–          Thunder – this noise is surprisingly calming leaving the impression of not being able to get to work. Similarly, rolls of thunder help to disguise loud stereos, dogs barking and passing traffic

–          Ocean waves –  calming, rhythmic and relaxing, the repetitive sound of waves crashing in helps to induce sleep

Sleep music is pretty easy to find, both on the web for download and in shops; however, it is important to note that sleep music does not work for everyone and will involve some trial and error to get it right.

Another useful tip if you have got an iPod is to turn your music down low and listen to it as you try to fall asleep. This will help to distract you from your thoughts, as your concerns will become replaced with the lyrics of your music. Similarly, your iPod is useful if outside noise is what usually prevents you from sleeping.

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Natural Sleeping Aid Supplements


Proven organic supplements such as NightCalm can provide you with the support you need to experience long and restful sleep, if your sleeping patterns are irregular.

Formulated from the plant Griffonia, its active ingredients 5HTP has been used for centuries by indigenous African tribes to treat depression, migraines and insomnia.

Stimulating the natural production of serotonin in the brain, the 5HTP in NightCalm helps to regulate your body’s mood as well as combat many of the negative side effects induced by sleep deprivation:

–          depression

–          migraines

–          stress

–          anxiety

–          lack of concentration

–          increased appetite and cravings

–          aggression

–          loss of sexual appetite

–          slow recovery times (physical injury and exercise)

Essentially helping you to enter into a healthy sleeping pattern sooner; this natural sleep aid is wholly derived from the Griffonia plant and is the only natural sleep aid to offer 300mg of 5HTP.



Easier said than done we know, but by utilising relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation and breathing you can experience restful, peaceful sleep.

Begin by relaxing your face and jaw and imagining that all your worries are resting on clouds or bubbles. Next imagine these worries floating away until they are out of sight. At this point (working up from your toes) release your tension and let it pour out of you. To help, imagine this release as a tingling sensation.

Work up your body in sections (toes, knees, legs, arms…), but remember to keep your face relaxed and to send your worries off on balloons every time you feel them creeping in.

Once your whole body is relaxed, begin to take slow deeps breaths through your nose and into your abdomen. Repeat this for 5 minutes.

At this point you should be completely and utterly relaxed, and ready to go to sleep.



This may sound like a total contradiction to the natural sleep aid mentioned above, but steady – not intense – exercise, can help to reduce stress and allow you to fall asleep. Simply aim to go for a walk or a brisk jog up to an hour and a half before you go to bed and exercise for up to 30 minutes.

Remember to properly warm-up and cool down when you do this, and finish with a nice hot bath/shower. Not only will your hot bath help to wash away the dirt of the day, but afterwards your body temperature will naturally drop, helping you to fall asleep.

Talk through your issues


The problem with stress is that many of us hold onto it tightly, letting it play on our minds and filter into our subconscious.

However, by talking through your worries/concerns with a loved one and letting them give you an opinion, they can help to create a resolution for your situation, set your mind at ease and more importantly ensure that you don’t feel alone.

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