JesExtender does indeed enlarge penis size and girth


JesExtender does indeed enlarge penis size and girth

If you’d questioned most men privately, many would admit that they would like to have a bigger penis. Many men have spent years quietly agonising over their lack of size and the possible inability to appease a woman in the bedroom. There are various reasons why penis enlargement is so sought after, some men are dealt a cruel hand of fate and have an exceptionally tiny or underdeveloped penis and therefore don’t feel masculine.

Others have no confidence in the bedroom thinking their penis is simply just not large enough to satisfy their partner.

There are other medical occasions that could leave an effect on on your penis size. One such condition is called Peyronie’s Disease (abnormal curvature of the penis.) Another is Erectile Dysfunction, this is when the man is unable to achieve or keep an erection.

This string can sometimes be caused by stress, illness and sometimes psychological problems. Some might believe that the old saying ‘size doesn’t matter’ just isn’t true. But trusting that you have a small penis can bring on a terrible lack of self consciousness that can have a devastating impact on relationships and even cause the individual to avoid intimacy with women altogether from fear of rejection. Coming to terms what nature gave you is one option, or you can choose to be free of embarrassment, ridicule and feel confident again by using the JesExtender.

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The JesExtender is a penis traction device that has been used all over the globe for more than 12 years, tried, clinically proven and found to be safe to use by leading doctors, it eliminates the use of other painful, dangerous and quite frankly, useless penis enlargement methods including penis suction pumps and weights used to stretch the penis.

Research has shown that the JesExtender does indeed enlarge penis size and girth. Its use also encourages better blood flow through the penis resulting in bigger and more longer lasting erections.

The JesExtender will fit around the penis snugly and does not interfere with day to day life and can be worn under loose clothes and remain unnoticed and is even suitable enough to be worn while you sleep at night.

One size fits all so no matter what your original size may be you can get a size increase of up to 3 inches. Results can be different depending on the duration and frequency that you wear the device. For optimum results, the JesExtender should be worn regularly for eighteen weeks although as the effects of the JesExtender are permanent, a break from using the device should not affect the final result.

How does this device work?

This enlarger works by stretching the penis under gentle exertion which in turn causes mass cell production enabling your penis to become larger and fuller naturally.

Think of using weights at the gym, your penis reacts like any other muscle your body has. As the penis is gently stretched, small scuds in the cells tissues are made, these tears are then naturally filled with more cells which enlarge the tissue of the penis and it then retains its new size. This is very much like exercising your biceps, as you lift more weights your biceps will moderately get bigger.

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